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Easy Way Out, directed by Jeffery T. Schultz, based on the play For Old Time’s Sake by award winning playwright David MacGregor, explores the final moments of a mature relationship.  As Kaitlin (Kate Connor) is packing her things to start a new life with her new young lover David, her older husband Martin (John Savage) struggles to make sense of their past twelve years together.

Their final encounter happens on a rainy night in their fashionable downtown loft. From the outside it appears Kaitlin is simply leaving her husband for a sexy new lover.  However, her premise for doing so rings of honesty and bravery.  The two end up having a troubling exchange on the conflicts between romantic-love verses commitment. Always struggling to avoid taking the easy way out, they fight to deny their waiting temptations.

Produced by Jennifer Atanasovski and Phil Lupo

Exexcutive Producers Hugh Schulze and Andrew Basile




We are pleased to be working with an incredibly talented cast with  John Savage and Kate Connor.  Mr. Savage’s great collaborative and artistic abilities are sure to bring great depth and humanity to the very challenging role of the troubled Martin.  Mr. Savage is best known for his hauntingly moving performances in The Deer Hunter, Hair, and The Thin Red Line.  The multi talented Ms. Connor is best known for the award winning feature film, Fort McCoy, a film she wrote, directed and starred in.  She has also had success in television with a recurring role on the AMC’s hit series “Mad Men”.









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