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A young woman loses her entire family on the same day, and the man that delivered the news discovers he might be responsible.

Knagen Films is pleased to present “AMERICAN DUEL,” a feature length psychological drama written by Jeffery T. Schultz.   When tragedy punctures the pleasant American life of Grace McNally, she begins to taste the dark underside of society – and herself – until she slips all the way into the dark rabbit hole of her nightmares.  What she finds is more strange than she could have imagined – maybe the dark side isn’t so dark and the American dream isn’t so sunny.

Described as “The great American tragedy not being told,” American Duel explores the conflicting realities of the American Dream and human nature.  It looks into what lies inside our hearts when polite society has been ripped from us by misfortune and heartbreak, and asks how far will people go to rebuild their hopes and dreams.



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