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Written and Directed by Steve Kopera


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“Jeffery T. Schultz’s cinematography is excellent… some stunningly composed images”

“The mystery here is allot of fun too, coming across as a demented gore splattered game of Clue with a wonderful supporting cast of possible suspects.”

“B is for BEST movie Review” 


THE CABINING is a clever, well written film with a fun bunch of characters that are brought to life by an amazing cast.

KNAGEN FILMS is very pleased to team up with Screamwriter Productions on the latest film by the award winning Kopera Brothers.   “THE CABINING”   is a feature length horror-comedy written and directed by  Steve Kopera  and produced by  Mike Kopera  who is also part of a stellar U.S. and European cast of  Melissa Mars,  Bo Kiester,  Angela Relucio,  Luce Raines,  Richard Riehle  and  Mark Rademacher.   The film was shot in Northern Michigan and Los Angeles, with the collaborative efforts of associate producer and director of photography  Jeffery T. Schultz.



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